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Frank & Sheri Bautz


Our LPL Research Team is our trusted partner in providing you with world-class investment analysis and advice.  Our Research Team consists of more than 50 seasoned and accomplished industry veterans, comprising the Nation’s largest research group among independent brokerage firms.


Providing you high-quality, conflict-free research is based on these Six Foundational Beliefs:

Independence Is Essential

We believe being independent, unrestricted, and not conflicted by business interests is the only way to provide exceptional advice. The structure of LPL Financial — not having proprietary products, investment banking, or market making facilities — provides the backdrop for unbiased decision making. Our investment team is not involved with the business arrangements of the firm.

Tactical Tilt With a Strategic Offering

We believe we can effectively take advantage of opportunities that are presented to us by the markets. Therefore, we believe in tactical portfolio and recommended list management. However, we know that this is not ideal for all clients and, consequently, we offer strategic portfolios and recommendations as well.

Combinations Matter

We believe that how investments combine together is one of the key considerations in investing. Investments have biases — we seek to create portfolios that pair complementary investments together to offset those biases with the goal of a portfolio that performs better than the simple sum of its parts would imply.

Adaptability Is Key

We believe the processes by which investments are run through due diligence and positioned for model inclusion must be evolving. We believe markets, investment options, and data availability change quickly and a process that does not integrate adaptability, flexibility, and subjectivity will miss some key opportunities.

Transparency Is a Must

We believe that we have to be transparent in our input, output, and decision-making process so that our advisors and their clients can be confident in what we are doing. We do not believe in a “black box” approach, as we seek to put as much information out as possible to allow for an understanding of what we are doing, how we are doing it, and why we are doing it.

Versatility Is Critical

We need to offer a broad range of investment advice. The innovative advice we provide is designed to meet the needs of our advisors: some that is asked for specifically, and some that is proactively provided by us.