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Frank & Sheri Bautz

The Family H.U.G.

Does Your Family Need a H.U.G.?

As a married couple in financial services, we carry a particular passion for the care of the entire family. We realized that to ensure a peaceful transfer of wealth across generations, we needed to create a level of intimacy with our clients that goes beyond business as usual. To address this need, we created The Family H.U.G.  The Family H.U.G, which stands for Helping bring Understanding to the Generations, is a meaningful and important planning process that bridges three important levels of care.

The Family H.U.G. is a clear, concise, confidential plan of communication that seeks to honor, respect and protect the plans of the husband and wife, and build lasting trust with the adult children. The Family H.U.G. is an intentional reach across the generations that seeks to provide increased confidence and clarity.

As a result of the Family H.U.G.

1.       Both spouses are honored – knowing their hard-earned plan for their family is secure

2.       The surviving spouse is prepared and confident

3.       The adult children are educated and engaged

For our single clients, we have a custom-built Family H.U.G. Following our client’s wishes, we define how they wish to communicate their plan to their adult children and we educate and equip the adult children to follow that plan.

The Family H.U.G. reflects the heart and the concierge-level of care we desire to provide for our clients. It is our honor to be able to provide meaningful help during the important times of our client’s lives.